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Price List

( Prices valid until end 2023)


4 Classes PM

6 Classes PM

8 Classes PM

  Drop in

Unlimited Classes PM
  Privates (in studio)

Buy an extra class!***






From R250 - R350**

R85 ( Special price only for Harakat members)

* Drop in Rates are for walk-in clients with no membership enroll to the studio. ( Kindly note that classes works under a booking system, which means your acceptance to the class will depend on availability. Even you do not have a membership to the studio, you will be required to sign a disclaimer).

** Our private Classes are offer to individuals who wants to take classes off Studio hours. Depending on the discipline and level that you want to train, the Class can be teach by our main instructor or any of the Harakat Instructors available. Usually the rates are per person, whatsapp us to find more about it.

*** Buy an extra class! is a special rate exclusive to Harakat Members only. Who is a Harakat Member?  A student who has sign the membership agreement, pay the monthly fees and is actively joining classes during the week @ the studio.

All the Prices are in South African Rands.


EFT /Cash /Card is welcome!

Refunds Policy @ Harakat Dance Studio

There are no refunds for classes non taken or mid-term cancellation of membership. The Studio can refund a student who has a medical valid condition which suddently restrict her/him  from exercising, in which case, the student will be refund in full minus the already taken classes.

For further info in our T's & C's Refer to the membership agreement.


Our Private ONLINE classes are focus to Bellydance enthusiasts from an intermediate to professional level who seek to enhance their skills and/or explore Amar's technique in bellydance. The classes are tailored to the  needs of each student. Improvisation, musicality, interpretation, props, fusions and folklore are some of the most requested topics.

For RSA nationals payments can be done via EFT (click on EFT payments above to get details).

For internationals: paypal is available  with the e-mail:

Contact me for availability and fees

Whatsapp: +27 727256005

Extending Harakat's program and after seen the success and good results in local students. Harakat will launch a weekly class combining Belly dance basic moves and strenght and flexibility of Barre Workout. Stay Tuned!

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