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Harakat Oriental Dance Registered trademark®

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Welcome to our Oriental Dance school

We are currently running from Monday to Thursday in our studio with a very limited amount of students per class to avoid the spread of Covid-19 (Learn more about our Covid-19 studio policies here ).
To book a spot in our classes send a WhatsApp  to 0727256005  or an e-mail to
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Our Studio is Based in South Africa, if you are located in another country, kindly book for Online private classes via email to or check our NEWS section for upcoming tours, classes and festivals near you.
Start your Bellydance journey
  • Art and Culture of Middle East

  • Increase your fitness level.

  • Positive body awareness.

  • Open to people of all ages.

  • Improve body coordination.

  • Fun activity

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What People say...

Today We Dance, 

            Tomorrow as Well.


I studied with Amar in Mexico when there were very few teachers in the country. I remember her amazing shimmies and turns that seem impossible to learn for me back then.Her hands were also so expressive! I'm so proud of having had change to learn from whom later became the first Mexican dancer to work in the Middle East.

Her Vast experience as a professional belly dancer in Arab countries means you can learn a lot from her!




-Giselle Rodríguez, Author of  " Danza         Oriental en Egipto", a book about History

  of belly dance. 

I took a private lesson with Amar in Dubai. I saw her perform and was impressed with her technique and music interpretation. Her performance style is Lebanese but during our lesson she went over both, Egyptian and Lebanese style. I was so happy to know that her knowledge was expansive and beyond what she performs. she focus a lot on technique and make excellent comments to correct my posture, form and execution. I would take any class with her in a heartbeat! .She was also very kind and non judgmental  while willing to share all her knowledge.

  -Billie Oshana, USA

Amar Lammar made me fall in love with the Oriental dance, she does not only teach you technique but  also to understand the belly dance from a global and cultural perspective.

With her didactic I learned to develop  my own creativity, essence and talent. She is my favorite teacher!.

- Dalilah Ochoa, Teacher and  Director of Negum El Sahara & 

 "El Dunia Helwa" international


 Mexico City

What people say

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