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About   the  Studio

The word "Harakat" means "movement" in the Arabic language.

Our main trade is to empower women of all ages through art and fitness.

Harakat Dance Studio is a safe space to keep your body in motion, increase self confidence and leave you with a "Feeling good" sensation!.

Discover the various classes we have for you.

What people say...

Daniela Gómez

(Dancer & Festival producer)

Mexico, CDMX

Amar Lammar offers you the necessary tools to bring  dynamic and  power to your dance, at the same time she share her knowledge and experiences  to make a whole package to learn from.

Leyla Sultan

(Studio Owner, Dancer and performer)

Dubai, UAE

Amar has clearly taken her love and added into her teaching.As a dance teacher myself, I loved every class I have attended with Amar and certainly benefitted every minute of her mentoring. I wouldn't go anywhere else for an artistic dance  class where clear instruction is provided!.

Billie Oshana

(Dancer and Producer)

Chicago, USA

I took a private lesson with Amar in Dubai. I saw her perform and was impressed with her technique and music interpretation.  Her performance style is Lebanese but during our lesson she went over both Egyptian and Lebanese style. I was so happy to know that her knowledge was expansive and beyond what she performs. She focused a lot on technique and make excellent comments to correct my posture, form, and execution.  I would take any class with her in a heartbeat.  She was also very kind and not judgmental, while willing to share all ger knowledge.

Natasha Steyn

(Current Harakat Student)

Secunda, South Africa

Amar is the best Bellydance teacher ever! Easy to follow bellydance moves and she is very friendly and approachable. Doesn't matter if you feel you cannot dance, size also doesn't matter, Any one is welcome in her class! I highly recommend signing up for a class, plus is a great workout!
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