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Harakat Oriental Dance

Amar Lammar was born in Mexico City. Since a young age she showed interest in art especially dance.

At the age of six years old she began her studies of Polynesian dances followed by a short period of ballet together with Mexican folklore. At the age of 11 she enters into Afro-Caribbean rhythms but finally discovered and pursued her studies of oriental dance at the age of 13. Although she took a few classes with a local dancer, Amar considers herself self taught as information about belly dance in the 90's was scarce. It took her many years as performer and later as a teacher to achieve the professional level.

Her international career began in 2003 with her first contracts in India for the Sheraton hotel group. After this first successful contracts, she expand her career and performed in several countries such as: Bahrein, Syria, Lebanon, Tunis and the Netherlands. For the last 12 years she resided in the UAE performing full time at some of the most prestigious hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai including Marriot, Millenium, Rotana, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm and Emirates Palace.

Now based in South Africa Amar continues dancing and improving. Her main goal is to teach Oriental Dance based on her experiences in the Middle East and the knowledge she acquired during all these years.

Keep an eye on  NEWS for dates of workshops, classes or performances near your location!


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