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Our Classes


Barre Workout

Ballet-inspired workout to shape and tone.

It builds core strength,improves your balance,stability and allow you to escape the everyday.

It may look beautiful, but don’t underestimate the burn.

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Dance Fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness class that will put you in a good mood as you dance to your favorites songs with energetic easy-to-follow choreos, to burn calories, improve your Cardiovascular system and boost your confidence.



Connect with your femininity again through the beauty of this Middle Eastern Art.

Discover what makes bellydance so popular and enjoy it's benefits. Body coordination, mobility, flexibility, self love and art expression.


Heels Dance

The dance class to wear your heels and your attitude.

It is fierce, sexy and gives an empowering feeling.


Stretch & Flex

Increase your body mobility and prevent future injuries by keeping your joints supple. Improve your balance and relax your body after a stressful week.

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